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FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (20/11/2015)



FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (13/11/2015)


FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (06/11/2015)

Snip20151107_19 Snip20151107_20 Snip20151107_32

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (30/10/2015)

Snip20151031_5 Snip20151031_6 Snip20151031_7

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (23/10/2015)

Snip20151024_14 Snip20151024_15 Snip20151024_16

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (16/10/2015)

Snip20151018_14 Snip20151018_15 Snip20151018_16

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (09/10/2015)

Snip20151010_13 Snip20151010_14 Snip20151010_15

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (02/10/2015)

Snip20151003_10 Snip20151003_11 Snip20151003_12

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (25/09/2015)

Snip20150927_2 Snip20150927_3 Snip20150927_4

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (18/09/2015)

Snip20150920_15 Snip20150920_16 Snip20150920_27

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (11/09/2015)

Snip20150913_22 Snip20150913_23 Snip20150913_24

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (04/09/2015)

Snip20150906_9 Snip20150906_10 Snip20150906_11

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (28/08/2015)

Snip20150831_4 Snip20150831_5 Snip20150831_6

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (21/08/2015)

Snip20150823_20 Snip20150823_21 Snip20150823_22

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (14/08/2015)

Snip20150815_21 Snip20150815_22 Snip20150815_23

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (26/06/2015)

Snip20150628_37 Snip20150628_38 Snip20150628_36

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (05/06/2015)

Screen Shot 06-07-15 at 11.45 AM 001 Screen Shot 06-07-15 at 11.45 AM Screen Shot 06-07-15 at 11.45 AM 002

FTSE/XA Large Cap statistics (29/05/2015)

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