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Today’s economic calendar (19.12.2014)

Time   Event   Survey Prior Revised
02:05 UK GfK Consumer Confidence Dec -2
06:30 JN All Industry Activity Index MoM Oct -0.1% 1.0%
07:00 JN Leading Index CI Oct F 104.0
07:00 JN Coincident Index Oct F 110.2
07:30 JN Nationwide Dept Sales YoY Nov -2.2%
07:30 JN Tokyo Dept Store Sales YoY Nov -0.1%
09:00 GE PPI MoM Nov -0.2%
09:00 GE PPI YoY Nov -1.0%
09:00 GE GfK Consumer Confidence Jan 8.7
09:45 FR Own-Company Production Outlook Dec 8
09:45 FR Production Outlook Indicator Dec -16
09:45 FR Manufacturing Confidence Dec 99
09:45 FR Business Confidence Dec 94
10:00 RU Money Supply Narrow Def Dec 12
10:30 SA Bloomberg Dec. South Africa Economic Survey        
11:00 IT Industrial Sales MoM Oct -0.4%
11:00 EC ECB Current Account SA Oct 30.0B
11:00 EC Current Account NSA Oct 31.0B 31.0B
11:00 IT Industrial Sales WDA YoY Oct -2.2%
11:00 IT Industrial Orders MoM Oct -1.5%
11:00 IT Industrial Orders NSA YoY Oct -0.4%
11:30 UK Public Finances (PSNCR) Nov -2.6B
11:30 UK Central Government NCR Nov -3.7B
11:30 UK Public Sector Net Borrowing Nov 7.1B
11:30 UK PSNB ex Banking Groups Nov 15.1B 7.7B
12:00 IT Hourly Wages MoM Nov 0.1%
12:00 IT Hourly Wages YoY Nov 1.0%
13:00 UK CBI Reported Sales Dec 27
13:00 BZ IBGE Inflation IPCA-15 MoM Dec 0.38%
13:00 BZ IBGE Inflation IPCA-15 YoY Dec 6.42%
13:00 BZ Unemployment Rate Nov 4.7%
14:30 BZ Current Account Balance Nov -$8131M
14:30 BZ Foreign Direct Investment Nov $4979M
14:30 TU TCMB Turkey Survey of Expectations        
15:30 CA CPI NSA MoM Nov 0.1%
15:30 CA CPI YoY Nov 2.4%
15:30 CA CPI Core MoM Nov 0.3%
15:30 CA CPI Core YoY Nov 2.3%
15:30 CA CPI SA MoM Nov 0.1%
15:30 CA CPI Core SA MoM Nov 0.2%
15:30 CA Consumer Price Index Nov 125.9
15:30 CA Retail Sales MoM Oct 0.8%
15:30 CA Retail Sales Ex Auto MoM Oct 0.0%
16:00 MX Unemployment Rate NSA Nov 4.70% 4.78%
16:00 MX Unemployment Rate SA Nov 4.71% 4.71%
17:00 MX Central Bank Monetary Policy Minutes        
17:00 MX Central Bank Economist Survey        
18:00 US Kansas City Fed Manf. Activity Dec 7
21:00 AR Trade Balance Nov $361M
  JN BOJ Annual Rise in Monetary Base Dec 19 ¥80T
  JN Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Statement        
12/15 BZ Central Bank quarterly inflation report        

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